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The Pain Clinic is a multidisciplinary centre that adopts a broad based multi faceted approach to the treatment of pain.

Most pain resolves quickly with standard therapies and the passage of time; however some painful conditions persist. When it continues for more than 3 months it becomes chronic pain. Chronic pain can persist even after the initial injury or trauma has resolved and is often more debilitating than the initial injury which caused it. Pain is often disproportional to the injury and persists after the injury is healed.

There is rarely one single remedy to treat painful conditions. The Pain Clinic recognises that some pain syndromes cannot be completely cured and adopts the philosophy that a multidisciplinary approach is the most appropriate model for the treatment of complex pain problems.

Pain Relief Treatment

At Riverview Clinic the response to individual therapies will be evaluated at each treatment and depending on the results therapy may be continued/discontinued or other approaches tried. Examples of some of the treatments include:

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